When Your Child Is Seriously Injured In a Motor Vehicle Accident

It is one of every parent’s worst nightmares. If your child has been seriously injured in a motor vehicle accident, whether hit by a truck, in a private passenger vehicle, on a bus, ATV, motorcycle, bicycle, boat, or as a pedestrian, the situation can rapidly become overwhelming on all fronts. Handling the additional needs of your tragically injured child on top of caring for other children and family members who need your help, juggling work, home, and other responsibilities – especially if you were also injured in the accident – can simply be too much.

At Angotti & Straface Attorneys at Law, we understand the extreme level of stress involved. Despite the significant challenges you are facing each day, it is still extremely important that you take your child’s future into consideration – and take action soon.

How Are My Child’s Injuries Likely to Affect His Future?

When an infant or child suffers serious traumatic or catastrophic injuries at such a young age, their entire future is placed at risk. All of your child’s hopes and dreams could be dashed in an instant as a result of the reckless actions that caused these injuries. The consequences of the harm your child has suffered have the potential to be extremely devastating. They may affect him throughout his entire life. The physical and cognitive outcomes can be absolutely life-shattering for any child, especially those who have suffered damage to the brain and spinal cord. These may include:
-Decreased Quality of Life
-Long-Term Physical Disability and/or Mental Impairment
-Loss of the Ability to Earn an Income or Decreased Earning Potential
-Inability to Live Independently
-Loss of the Ability to Walk
-Difficulty With Balance and Coordination
-Memory Loss
-Inability to Think, Concentrate on Tasks, and Learn New Skills
-Trouble Processing and Retaining Information
-Loss of Gross and Fine Motor Skills

When a Child Is Unable to Work, He Is Unable to Support Himself

Most employment positions that offer compensation sufficient to allow for self-support require a certain degree of physical or mental acuity. As a result of the serious injuries your child has suffered, he may be partially or completely unable to support himself as an adult. Even if your child is able to find employment, it will likely be at a lower level than what he would have otherwise been able to achieve.

The consequences of going through life with an economic disadvantage can affect everything from health, happiness, and social opportunities to resulting in a decreased lifespan. If there is a likelihood that your child will be unable to work at his full potential as a result of his injuries, contact us. It is important that you seek proper financial compensation on his behalf.

Severely Injured Children May Require Extensive Support

Unfortunately, your severely injured child may end up requiring an extensive amount of medical and daily activity support just to take care of his basic needs. It is not uncommon for children with serious traumatic brain injuries, amputation, and other serious bodily harm to require temporary or permanent assistance soon after the accident or at some point in the future after their condition deteriorates. This may include 24-hour skilled nursing care, access to medical devices and equipment such as braces, a wheelchair, prosthetics, and digital communication assistance equipment, repeated surgeries, therapy, specialist medical care, and other services. These can be quite expensive.

What Happens If I Don’t File a Claim for My Child?

The cost of a lifetime of care for a traumatically injured child can easily exceed millions of dollars. It is your responsibility to pursue the compensation your child is legally entitled to receive and ensure that it is made available for to cover his needs. You should be aware that, if someone else is legally liable to cover your child’s losses as a result of the accident and you fail to hold them accountable, you may be forced to cover these expenses yourself.

Was Your Child Seriously Injured by a Reckless Driver?

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If your child has suffered serious injuries, you must act quickly to protect his rights. Time is of the essence. Angotti & Straface Attorneys at Law knows what your case is worth. We can calculate the value of any future lost wages, the impact of future loss of abilities, medical expenses, and other qualified tangible and intangible losses your child may be eligible to recover. Our trial lawyers are able to work with some of the nation’s most reputable vocational experts, pediatric neurologists, economists, and medical experts to analyze the injuries your child sustained, determine the total impact, and calculate a fair compensation amount for your child.

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