3 Most Common Causes of WV Workplace Injuries

West Virginia employers are responsible for providing their employees with a safe work environment. Although many injuries in the workplace result from unavoidable and unforeseeable situations, some workplace injuries and fatalities may occur when an employer fails to meet their legal duty.

3 Dangers Employers and Employees Should Avoid

Being aware, alert, and making safer choices can help workers throughout West Virginia avoid needless pain and suffering. Likewise, it is important that employers be held accountable for their important role in workplace safety. The service industry, as well as the transportation, manufacturing, and construction fields, repeatedly experience the most work-related injuries overall. Within these industries, we consistently witness three common types of injuries in the workplace.


Repetitive motions, such as repeatedly lifting and lowering, lead to a vast number of workplace injuries. In addition, working for long periods of time without taking a break also contributes to many overexertion injuries by not allowing the body a chance to recover. It is important that employees have access to appropriate safety gear and break periods to help avoid overexertion and stress injuries.

Object Contact

Contact with equipment and other objects may result in an employee being struck, lacerated, caught in or compressed by machinery or workplace materials. These types of injuries are fairly common. Object contact events often lead to serious injuries. In many cases, these injuries could have been prevented by properly securing equipment, providing adequate personal protective equipment, and other common-sense preventive measures.

Slips and Falls

Falls at the same level, as well as to a lower level, both have the potential to result in devastating personal injuries. Falls from ladders, trips over objects, and slips on uneven, unstable, and slick surfaces may be caused by poor maintenance practices, improper training, and faulty equipment.

Injured by Unsafe Working Conditions In West Virginia?

Was your West Virginia workplace injury caused by an unsafe working condition, safety equipment failure, falling object, electrocution, fire/explosion, vehicle accident, chemical exposure, malicious/deliberate intent, or assault? If so, you may be eligible to pursue monetary relief and secure justice for your losses. If you have good reason to believe your employer’s actions or negligence contributed to your injuries, it is important to secure a professional review of the circumstances surrounding the incident as soon as possible.

Seriously Injured at Work?

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