7 Hidden Signs of Nursing Home Abuse

Know the 7 Hidden Signs of Nursing Home Abuse

Information for West Virginia Families

When we make the decision to provide our loved ones access to 24/7 nursing care, we do so trusting that the staff we employ will provide a higher level of care than we ourselves are able to provide. We expect that our elderly, injured, and disabled family members will receive good, quality care with a focus on their physical, emotional, and mental health. We look forward to hearing that our loved ones’ social needs are being fulfilled and that their well-being and quality of life is improved. Unfortunately, many nursing home and long-term care residents throughout West Virginia experience the pain and suffering of cruel abuse and neglect at the very hands of those we trusted to protect them. If you are a friend or family member of a personal care home resident, you are encouraged to learn how to identify the seven most common hidden signs of nursing home abuse so you can help ensure your loved one is being treated well – or advocate for their rights if they are being victimized.
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