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Angotti & Straface Attorneys at Law L.C. represents individuals who have been seriously injured in collisions involving tractor-trailers and large commercial trucks throughout West Virginia. If you have been injured through no fault of your own in a serious truck accident, we will help you get every penny you deserve. There is never a fee unless we win your case. Call our Morgantown law firm now for a free case evaluation before valuable evidence “disappears”: (304) 292-4381. Phones are answered 24-hours a day.

Fighting the WV Truck Accident Epidemic One Case at a Time

Recently, we have witnessed a sharp increase in oil and gas drilling activity and commercial truck accidents in Morgantown and throughout our entire West Virginia service area. This epidemic is causing catastrophic injuries, intractable pain, fatalities, and cascading effects that are devastating communities throughout West Virginia. Many victims have been left with nothing. No job. No way to make money. No way to pay high medical bills. No hope.

Injured by a Commercial Truck? You Need Exceptional Legal Representation

If you or a loved one have been injured as a result of any type of commercial truck accident, you NEED exceptional legal services to achieve the best possible outcome when going up against an industry giant. Angotti & Straface deliver the results you and your family deserve. We are fighting this West Virginia commercial truck accident epidemic one case at a time. Let us help you get the compensation you need while holding reckless companies responsible for their actions.

We Deliver Results – Explore Our High Standards of Legal Excellence

When fighting for just compensation against any large, powerful commercial entity, such as a nationwide trucking company, the oil and gas industry, FedEx, UPS, the coal mining industry, an industrial manufacturer, the logging industry, or any other financial behemoth, you need the team that delivers results on your side. Angotti & Straface Attorneys at Law’s proven results and high standards of excellence ensure effective legal representation you can rely on. We do not give up. We do not give in. We secure the maximum financial compensation allowed by law for our clients and are always prepared to appeal your case to the highest court in West Virginia, if necessary.

We Hold the Biggest Trucking Companies in the U.S. Accountable

At Angotti & Straface Attorneys at Law, we are not afraid to hold the biggest industrial giants and largest trucking companies in the United States responsible for negligence, carelessness, and reckless actions. Many of the accidents that we handle have occurred on I-79, US 119, US 19, Route 7, CR 857, and Route 705, where truckers and trucking companies continue to place profit above safety, year after year. These routes are infamous for the quantity of accidents resulting in serious and catastrophic injuries, as well as fatalities, that residents and visitors face every year. To make matters worse, these already highly trafficked and dangerous routes are being inundated with fully loaded (and often overweight) trucks hauling massive drilling equipment, tons and tons of water and sand, and machinery that is sometimes so large that if it were to fall it could completely crush a passenger vehicle. The nature of these loads poses a risk to all travelers who share the road.

Time is of the Essence – We Must Collect Evidence Before it is Lost

Trucking companies and drivers that haul mega-loads are keenly aware of the dangers their trucks pose, the state and federal regulations they must legally abide by – and the extreme penalties for not following these safety guidelines. If their negligence caused your injuries, there is a potential motive for driver log books to be altered, records and recordings to be destroyed, and evidence to be concealed. We do not tolerate this. If you’ve been injured in commercial truck accident, contact Angotti & Straface as soon as you possibly can. We can visit you at your home or hospital bedside or provide your free consultation by phone so we can begin collecting the evidence we need before it is lost forever – along with your opportunity for justice. Angotti & Straface Attorneys at Law offers the best legal representation near you no matter where you are located in West Virginia – and we’re just a phone call away: (304) 292-4381.

Catastrophic Life Shattering Injuries from Large Truck Accidents

Inadequate training, driver fatigue and errors, poor maintenance, and excessive cargo loads are just a few of the contributors to serious accidents that we have uncovered over the past 68 years. The high speeds and heavy weights of the vehicles involved almost guarantee severe and life-shattering results for passenger vehicles involved in these types of collisions.

  • Broken Bones
  • Burns
  • Paralysis
  • Amputations
  • Traumatic Brain Injuries
  • Crushing Injuries
  • Internal Organ Damage
  • Death

You Deserve to Be Made Whole Again After Your Injuries

Even if you do not consider yourself the “type to sue,” your very survival may depend on a successful legal claim. Unless you are independently wealthy, you will likely be unable to afford the average cost of a lifetime of care as is often required after suffering injuries from even a low-speed impact with an 18-wheeler (semi-truck or tractor-trailer), heavy tanker truck, or industrial equipment hauler. The prospect of requiring 24-hour skilled nursing, breathing support, surgeries, and supportive care alone can cost many millions of dollars – far beyond the support capabilities of even the best social support systems and insurance coverage. Remember: there is nothing wrong with being made whole again after your life has been shattered. At Angotti & Straface Attorneys at Law, we are here for you every step of the way.

Aggressive Legal Representation for Maximum Financial Compensation in WV

Our clients love us. Our peers respect us. Our foes fear us. At Angotti & Straface Attorneys at Law, we operate with the highest level of competence and integrity to aggressively pursue the financial compensation our clients are entitled to receive.

Residents throughout West Virginia know who to call when dealing with the overwhelming aftermath of serious truck accidents. Angotti & Straface has earned our reputation as the people’s law firm by providing prompt response times, straightforward case analysis, and prompt, aggressive representation to ensure that each client has the optimal opportunity to recover expenses, damages, and losses for foregone expenses, as well as financial compensation to cover continuing medical treatments, lost wages, and expenses into the future. We know what your case is worth. We have extensive knowledge of all of the rules and regulations that trucks crossing state lines must follow according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, and are aware that if these regulations were followed, many accidents simply would not occur. We will not accept less than the full amount of financial compensation that you are entitled to receive. You will not pay any attorney fees unless we recover financial compensation for you.

Injured by a Reckless Trucker? Hold the Driver & Company Responsible


If you have been seriously injured, or you have lost a loved one as a result of a wreck caused by a semi-trailer or large commercial truck driver in West Virginia, contact Angotti & Straface. We personally work with each of our clients to answer your questions and provide the legal counsel and support necessary for you to make it through this agonizing time. Our investigative accident re-constructionists, mechanical engineers, and medical professionals are able to determine how the accident occurred, whether the trucker, trucking company, and/or others were at-fault, and how the collision has and will continue to impact your life into the future. Let us help you get the compensation you are entitled to receive for your injuries and suffering.

We offer a free consultation to discuss your truck collision injury claim. Contact us at: (304) 292-4381.