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Did you submit a claim to your insurance company for a legitimate loss that you believe is being mishandled or unfairly denied? The very fact that you are seeking legal representation may indicate that you have a Bad Faith claim against your insurer. Both common law and West Virginia state statutes forbid your insurance carrier from breaking their contractual obligations in your insurance policy.

What Is Insurance Bad Faith In West Virginia?

When you purchase insurance coverage from an insurance company in West Virginia, there is an underlying legal promise that the company will treat you fairly or use “good faith” when handling its responsibilities and obligations to you. If this promise is broken, we refer to that as “bad faith.”

Do I Have a Bad Faith Claim?

While the specifics of every case vary, you may be able to pursue a bad faith claim against your insurance company if it has intentionally failed to handle its legal obligations to you in a reasonable manner. Please note that this type of claim can only be filed against an insurance carrier to whom you actually paid premiums and hold a contract with (not against the insurance carrier or company of someone else). If you have experienced any of the following, contact Angotti & Straface Attorneys at Law and let us know what happened to you:

  • Intentional and Unreasonable Refusal to Pay a Valid Claim (Claim Denial)
  • Intentional and Unreasonable Delay in Handling a Claim
  • Intentional and Unreasonable Failure to Process a Claim
  • Intentional and Unreasonable Failure to Defend a Claim Against You
  • Intentional and Unreasonable Failure to Pay Less Than What Is Owed On a Valid Claim
  • There is a very short statute of limitations. Time is of the essence. Do not delay. Contact us immediately.

    What Types of Insurance Carriers Must Follow This Law?

    All types of insurance carriers must operate in accordance with their contractual obligations. This includes homeowners, automobile, medical, dental, malpractice, title, and life insurance companies.

    The Complexities of Insurance Contract Interpretation Require a Skilled Attorney

    Insurance companies are in business to make a profit for the company’s shareholders. Unfortunately, this may result in your insurance company specifically creating a contract (policy) that has been carefully worded in an attempt to make you believe that you have coverage that the insurance company never actually planned to deliver. The interpretation of insurance contracts can become extremely complex, but as a policyholder your reasonable expectation of receiving the coverage you believed you were purchasing is one factor that is considered. If you believe your insurance company has intentionally and unreasonably handled or denied your valid claim, you require a skilled attorney who understands the minutiae of law as it applies to insurance policies. At Angotti & Straface Attorneys at Law, this is the focus of our Insurance Dispute Legal Team.

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