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We Hold Negligent Truck Drivers, Owners & Manufacturers Responsible

If a reckless or negligent tractor-trailer driver caused your injuries, you may be eligible to recover a large, lump-sum payment as compensation for a wide range of losses you suffered as a result of the accident. Compensation can include financial recovery for your actual monetary losses, as well as your pain, suffering, loss of life enjoyment, and other compensable damages in the past and present, as well as into the future. At Angotti & Straface, we do not stop there. In many cases, multiple parties may be liable for your injuries – and we find them all. From reckless drivers to negligent trucking companies (employers), truck owners, cargo owners, and possibly even the tractor-trailer manufacturer, our legal team reveals all liable parties.

Tractor Trailer Truck Driver Negligence

Although all drivers are obligated to obey traffic laws, watch their surroundings, and use reasonable means to avoid accidents, the burden placed on tractor-trailer drivers is significantly higher than that of any other driver on the road. Due to the extreme risk of serious bodily harm, death, and destruction tractor-trailers pose to other travelers, strict state and federal regulations have been enacted to mitigate the danger. If a trucker has violated any of these regulations, his negligence is self-proving.

What Causes Tractor Trailer Accidents?

The main cause of tractor-trailer accidents in the United States is truck driver error and negligence. Exceeding the speed limit contributes to the vast majority of serious injuries and fatalities. In addition to speeding, negligence may include the truck driver’s failure to obey traffic laws, signs and signals, as well as failure to obtain adequate driver training and proper certification. Reckless operation of the tractor-trailer can include failing to yield the right-of-way, driving too aggressively, texting while driving, driving too close to other vehicles, not driving appropriately for weather conditions, and driving while intoxicated.

Trucking Company Owner Negligence

Trucking company owners have a solemn responsibility to ensure that they are not placing the public at risk by putting unprepared or dangerous truck drivers behind the wheel. In many cases, accidents that appear to be the truck driver’s fault may also be the fault of the trucking company. This may include:

  • Encouraging Drivers to Exceed the Speed Limit or Maximum Time Behind the Wheel
  • Offering Compensation That Promotes Unsafe Driving Techniques
  • Forcing a Driver to Work too Many Hours Without Adequate Rest
  • Truck Maintenance Neglect
  • Enforcing Tough Deadlines
  • Inadequate Driver Background Investigation
  • Hiring On Poorly Trained or Inexperienced Drivers
  • Allowing Trucks to Operate Overloaded or Overweight

Due to the urgency of cargo delivery, trucking companies may actually encourage their drivers to violate federal laws limiting the maximum Hours-of-Service allowed. This is extremely dangerous and can lead the driver to commit additional violations such as substance use impairment – and falling asleep at the wheel. At Angotti & Straface Attorneys at Law, we can hold all trucking company personnel responsible for their acts of negligence that caused your injuries.

Tractor Trailer Manufacturer Negligence

In some cases, manufacturer negligence plays a part in contributing to tractor-trailer accident injuries. Even the smallest defect in design or manufacture can cause a horrific crash. When a tractor-trailer is involved in an accident that results in catastrophic injury or death, the attorneys of Angotti & Straface can assist victims and families in their search for justice and recovery of fair compensation for their losses. If an accident was caused by a defective part, the manufacturer may be held responsible. At Angotti & Straface, our accident investigators and re-constructionists, engineers, and performance professionals can uncover defects ranging from common to obscure, including:

  • Tire Defects
  • Vehicle Recall Issues
  • Design & Manufacturing Defects
  • Marketing Defects
  • Cab and Trailer Coupling Defects
  • Ineffective Load Straps
  • Faulty brakes and Mechanics

Additional At-Fault Parties in Tractor-Trailer Accidents

Numerous parties may be liable and held accountable for their contribution to an accident resulting in serious or fatal injuries. Due to thorough regulation of the transportation industry, we may also be able to hold additional individuals and entities legally accountable for their negligence. These may include the tractor-trailer retailer (particularly if the defective part responsible for the accident was recalled, but not replaced) and any party who was responsible for inspecting, maintaining, and repairing the vehicle (including the driver and mechanics).

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