Daycare Injuries They Don’t Want You to Know About

When to Take a Second Look

Was your child seriously injured at a childcare or daycare facility? If so, you’re not alone. Independent studies indicate that over 9 million children suffer injuries serious enough to require treatment in a hospital emergency department each year. It is estimated that tens of thousands of these injuries may have been suffered at daycare centers. Although there are no federal reporting requirements for serious injuries and deaths that occur in these facilities, accidents remain the leading cause of death for children over the age of one in the US. Parents of children who spend significant amounts of time away from the home can learn more about injuries that may occur at daycare centers to help keep their children safe.
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7 Hidden Signs of Nursing Home Abuse

Know the 7 Hidden Signs of Nursing Home Abuse

Information for West Virginia Families

When we make the decision to provide our loved ones access to 24/7 nursing care, we do so trusting that the staff we employ will provide a higher level of care than we ourselves are able to provide. We expect that our elderly, injured, and disabled family members will receive good, quality care with a focus on their physical, emotional, and mental health. We look forward to hearing that our loved ones’ social needs are being fulfilled and that their well-being and quality of life is improved. Unfortunately, many nursing home and long-term care residents throughout West Virginia experience the pain and suffering of cruel abuse and neglect at the very hands of those we trusted to protect them. If you are a friend or family member of a personal care home resident, you are encouraged to learn how to identify the seven most common hidden signs of nursing home abuse so you can help ensure your loved one is being treated well – or advocate for their rights if they are being victimized.
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5 Things Every Parent Needs to Know About Birth Injuries

Are You Eligible to File a Medical Malpractice Lawsuit in WV?

Each year, an average of 3-4 million infants are born in the United States – and approximately 30,000 of them enter the world with a birth injury. These injuries range from harmless temporary conditions that self-resolve to catastrophic, life-threatening injuries that require a lifetime of extensive treatment, with many resulting in permanent disability or death. Due to the devastating potential of birth injuries, expectant parents, as well as current parents that suspect their child’s injuries were caused by medical malpractice, should be aware of the following important facts.
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Patient Profiling in WV: Doctor Misdiagnosis & Failure to Diagnose

Patient Profiling and Discrimination in West Virginia

When Misdiagnosis & Failure to Diagnose Cause Serious Harm

Have you felt that a doctor treated you in a rude, condescending, or discriminatory manner? These behaviors may indicate that the provider’s personal bias influenced your treatment. In fact, even if you did not personally experience this type of negative behavior directly, you may have been a victim of discrimination.
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Can I File a Claim for Emotional Distress?

Although our society has had a tendency of discounting emotional distress as something that should be dismissed as a personal character flaw, the unfortunate reality is that suffering this type of injury can have very real and unavoidable consequences. This type of harm can be far more damaging and longer lasting than physical injury. The consequences of emotional distress can cause intense psychological pain and mental anguish, as well as severe trauma-induced stress, panic, anxiety, depression.
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Res Ipsa Loquitur and Your WV Personal Injury Claim In WV

The doctrine of res ipsa loquitur* (“the thing speaks for itself”) is derived from Anglo-American common law. Under evidentiary rules, this doctrine may be applied in a tort lawsuit in some instances. It allows a court to infer negligence based on the very nature of the accident or injury sustained. Because of this, no direct evidence is required regarding how the defendant behaved.
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Behind the Scenes Exclusive: Tour a Vehicle Accident Investigation

When an especially serious, unusual, or fatal motor vehicle accident occurs, there is significant interest in finding out what happened. The scene of a major car accident can be an extremely busy place. Many things must occur before the site can be cleared. Tucked away behind those flashing red and blue lights, sirens, and commotion, a special team is hard at work.

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3 Big Statistics Bikers Need to Know: Fatal Motorcycle Injuries In WV

As a biker, you know your motorcycle offers far less protection than an enclosed vehicle offers in inclement weather or would provide in a crash. It can be more difficult for other motorists to recognize your presence, also. Unfortunately, these and other combined factors present an increased risk to you and your passengers. Read on to learn three important statistics we think you might like to know, as well as how to protect your ability to recover financial compensation for your losses if a reckless or negligent driver collides with your bike and causes you to be injured.

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Can I Sue My Insurance Company for Denying My Claim?

If you submitted a valid claim to your insurance company and it was wrongfully denied, you may be eligible to file a lawsuit to recover the damages you are entitled to receive. Your automobile, homeowners, or life insurance policy is a legally binding contract between you and your insurance carrier. This document specifies exactly what financial compensation you are eligible to claim, which perils or losses are covered, the conditions which must be met for you to pursue financial compensation, and other relevant details. If you are a resident of Monongalia, Tyler, Wetzel, Hancock, Ohio, Brooke, or Marshall County, West Virginia involved in a dispute over your rightful insurance claim, contact Angotti & Straface Attorneys at Law immediately.

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