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New Martinsville, WV Insurance Dispute Attorney for the Policyholder

Your Insurance Company Is NOT Your Friend

Although most of us realize that, as a policyholder, the insurance company is not our “friend,” it can be hard to remember they are not on our side. This is especially true when they rush in after a covered loss with trickery including: claiming to be on your side, promising you a fair settlement, and advising against getting a lawyer by falsely claiming you will receive more for your claim by going it alone without legal representation in New Martinsville (this is NEVER the case). The insurance representative is not on your side.

Do NOT Trust the Insurance Company Representative

Even if you have known your insurance agent or adjuster all your life and maybe you even grew up with them in Wetzel County, they are NOT on your side when it comes to handling your large automotive, homeowners, or life insurance claim. Their very livelihood depends on working in the best interests of the insurance company that pays their salary, is responsible for their security, and their family’s future well-being. Frankly, you are not a priority. You are a threat. Again, the insurance company’s representative is not on your side.

A Lowball Offer Your Claim In Wetzel County?

Insurance adjusters in Wetzel County, WV, may attempt to deceive you at every turn. Typically, they might try to get you to accept a “lowball” financial settlement that is valued at far less than you deserve (before you hire an attorney). They know you are likely facing financial difficulty. Like a true predator, they may pounce in on you like a tiger on a wounded deer and offer a huge check. This check may be written for tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars (for more serious injuries, it may even be six or seven figures). Amazing deal, right? WRONG! The one fact you can rely on is that whatever amount they are offering, no matter how large, it is LESS than you deserve.

Giving Up Your Rights and Being Stuck With the Tab In New Martinsville

If you accept the “bait money” and sign a release before you understand the full extent your serious injuries will cost over your lifetime, you give up all rights to further compensation. Keep in mind that just one corrective surgery can cost upward of a quarter million dollars in some cases – and your health insurance provider in New Martinsville is unlikely to cover any treatment for which the cause can be traced back to the accident…

Other Deceptive Insurance Company Tactics

Surveillance, Recorded Statements & Claim Denial and Delay

Some other common deceptive tactics insurance adjusters have been known to use include:

-sending investigators to spy on you (yes, really) to conduct surveillance and collect images that can be used to provide the deceptive impression that you are not injured at all.

-twisting your words and using them against you (such as stating that you are “doing good” when asked in normal everyday conversation).

-guiding you to provide statements that will later be used against you.

-delaying payment on your claim in hopes your worsening financial condition will cause you to agree to accept a settlement for less than you deserve.

-denying your coverage altogether.

-claiming the accident was partially or completely your fault.

-lying about the actual terms of your insurance coverage.

-claiming your injuries can be attributed to a previous medical condition.

Protect Yourself Against Dirty Insurance Company Tactics In New Martinsville, WV

Whether your injuries are clearly catastrophic or appear superficial, keep in mind that many internal injuries such as traumatic brain injury and the destruction of soft tissues can take days, weeks, months, or even years to become fully apparent. You can take a few simple steps to protect yourself against the deceptive tactics sometimes used by disreputable insurance companies and their representatives:

-Never speak with your insurance company’s representative without your attorney present.

-Do not sign ANYTHING.

-Do not agree to be recorded.

Who Can I Trust?

If you have been seriously injured, lost a loved one, or your property was damaged through no fault of your own in Wetzel County, or anywhere in West Virginia, you can trust Angotti & Straface Attorneys at Law to look out for your best interests. Why? As our client, your best interests are ours, as well.

We know exactly what your claim is worth and we are well-positioned and motivated to pursue the full value of your claim. Our civil litigation attorneys know how to protect our clients in a wide range of insurance coverage disputes, including:
Insurance Coverage Disputes
Denial of Valid Insurance Claims
Life Insurance Disputes
Homeowner Insurance Disputes
Motor Vehicle Insurance Disputes
Insurance Bad Faith

Do I Have an Insurance Case?

New Martinsville, WV Accident Injury Attorney

Angotti & Straface Attorneys at Law is ready to help our clients in New Martinsville, WV, get the money they need to get on the path to recovery after a wide range of personal injuries suffered at the hands of reckless and negligent parties throughout Wetzel County. We handle automotive collisions of all types including accidents involving motorcycles, pedestrians, cars, semi-trucks, buses, oil and gas trucks and other large commercial vehicles. If you have been seriously injured through no fault of your own, call us right away before time runs out to file your claim.

Wetzel County, WV Home & Property Damage Claims

If you are a home or business owners whose property was significantly damaged by someone’s negligent or recklessness actions in Wetzel County, WV, contact us right away. Angotti & Straface Attorneys at Law is well-positioned to secure the maximum financial compensation for those who have experienced unfortunate property damage caused by various types of unnatural events. Our skilled attorneys hold all at-fault parties accountable for damage due to contractor error, construction defects, landslides, floods, runoff, water diversion, mining, fracking, explosions, and more.

New Martinsville, WV Criminal Defense Attorneys


If you have been accused of a crime in New Martinsville, WV, you must obtain legal counsel immediately to protect your rights. Contact Angotti & Straface Attorneys at Law at once! We will carefully review the charges being made against you, examine every piece of evidence that may help or hinder the outcome of your case, and work with you every step of the way to develop a strategic approach and secure the best possible outcome.

Our knowledgeable criminal defense attorneys are dedicated to serving our New Martinsville, WV, clients. We are accessible to our clients, provide prompt attention to answer the most pressing legal questions, and help ease your mind by explaining legal aspects you may need clarification on. You can rely on Angotti & Straface Attorneys at Law for effective legal representation to defend against many types of charges ranging from DUI and misdemeanors to felonies and accusations of murder.

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