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Angotti & Straface Attorneys at Law provides proven, personalized legal representation for those who have been seriously injured, lost loved ones, and whose property has been damaged or destroyed through no fault of their own in Franklin, Brandywine, and throughout Pendleton County, WV. In addition, our criminal defense lawyers protect the rights of individuals accused of committing a wide range of crimes throughout all of West Virginia.


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Franklin, WV Personal Injury Attorney

When you’ve been injured in an accident as a result of negligence, assault, a dog bite, or faulty product, you need the right attorney to handle your case. The field of personal injury law is complex; however, the attorneys at Angotti & Straface offer both compassion and attention to detail on each case. We work hard to get the best possible results for cases in Franklin, and throughout Pendleton County, West Virginia. When you need proven legal representation, we are just a phone call away – and there is no fee unless we secure financial compensation on your behalf.

Pendleton County Criminal Defense Attorney

Have you been charged with committing a misdemeanor or felony in Pendleton County, WV? If police have asked you to submit to questioning, call us first. A criminal conviction for any crime can utterly devastate your life. Whether you truly have no idea why the police are bothering you or you made a horrible mistake, do not speak to law enforcement without your lawyer present.

At Angotti & Straface, our attorneys protect the rights of the accused. Since 1952, our law firm has worked hard to have our clients’ charges dismissed or reduced to the maximum extent possible. This success has earned us our reputation as THE criminal defense firm to call. When the outcome of your case is critical, make sure you call us first. We defend Pendleton County residents’ rights against a wide variety of charges, including everything from arson and DUI to sex crimes, assault, drug crimes, fraud, and homicide.

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Interested in learning more about West Virginia’s expungement law? Call us!

Franklin & Brandywine, WV Home and Commercial Property Damage Attorney

Do not delay in contacting our firm if your home or commercial property in Franklin, Brandywine, or elsewhere in Pendleton County was damaged or destroyed by the someone’s careless actions. At Angotti & Straface Attorneys at Law, we have witnessed substantial damage caused by a lack of planning, incompetence, and negligent acts by adjacent property owners that made land alterations, reckless adjustment of waterways, drainage, and other factors that have destroyed our clients’ properties. This behavior is unacceptable –and in many cases, it is illegal. If your property was damaged by negligent water diversion or runoff, contractor error, blasting, construction defects, landslides, earth movement, and other preventable property damage, contact us right away. Time is limited to file your claim.

Injured in a Tractor Trailer or Commercial Truck Accident in Pendleton County, WV?

Unfortunately, commercial trucking accidents have become more common in Pendleton County. Since 2009, accidents throughout the United States involving heavy commercial trucks and buses increased more than 25%. These collisions often leave devastating damage in their wake, including permanent bodily injury, disability, and death. As a result, extensive regulations and complex legislation have been passed to help hold the transportation industry accountable, with liability which may extend to numerous responsible parties.

At Angotti & Straface, our attorneys work hard to ensure our catastrophically injured clients are able to pursue the financial compensation they deserve. If you or a loved one have been seriously injured by a dangerous commercial truck driver, let us know. We stand ready to help guide you through the entire process so you can collect the financial award the law allows.

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Angotti & Straface Attorneys at Law’s practice clearly reflects our commitment to providing proven results across a wide range of civil litigation and criminal law matters. Since 1952, we have offered solid legal counsel with effective handling of investigations, disputes, and negotiations, highlighted by superior performance under pressure. Our proven trial lawyers deliver quality litigation services you can rely on in Franklin and throughout all of Pendleton County, West Virginia.

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