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Does the law firm you choose to represent you really matter? It sure does. In fact, it can make the difference between winning or losing your case in Monroe County! Since 1952, Angotti & Straface Attorneys at Law has been the firm to trust for proven legal representation across a broad range of civil and criminal defense-related legal matters. We proudly protect the rights of citizens who have been wronged, accused, and injured, as well as those who find themselves in need of legal services for sensitive matters, including:


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Union WV Personal Injury Lawyer

If you have been seriously injured, the process of rebuilding your life in Union, WV, will take a huge effort. This will include dedication to your recovery and stamina as well as the support of others. Your recovery journey will also require access to a sufficient level of financial compensation to cover necessary medical treatments and equipment, services such as physical and occupational therapy, nursing, and related services you need to repair damage to your body and mind, regain your strength, and address any other issues you developed as a result of the incident in question. You are entitled to pursue compensation for lost wages, pain, suffering, and many other actual and anticipated losses, as well. You have a right to be made whole again. At Angotti & Straface, we can help ensure the party responsible for your injuries is held accountable.

Serving the Seriously Injured of ALL Types of Motor Vehicle Accidents

We provide assistance with recovering compensation for those involved in all types of motor vehicle accidents including tractor trailers, commercial trucks, and private passenger cars. In addition, we offer proven legal representation for those injured through no fault of their own at their place of employment, medical facilities, schools, and on privately owned property in Union, Peterstown, and throughout all of Monroe County, WV.

Tractor Trailer and Commercial Truck Injury Lawyer – Union, WV

Accidents in Union involving tractor trailers and massive commercial trucks can be particularly devastating – and the results, catastrophic. If you or a loved one have been seriously injured in an accident caused by a reckless commercial driver in Monroe County, contact our law firm right away before and witnesses disappear and evidence is lost or destroyed.

Unfortunately, many victims impacted by commercial truck accidents in Union and around Monroe County, WV, suffer fatal injuries. Whether recovering from a wreck involving an oil and gas truck or you have tragically lost a loved one due to the recklessness of a fatigued, impaired, or reckless truck driver, Angotti & Straface stands ready to help you recover the maximum financial compensation the law allows.

Union, WV Criminal Defense Attorney


By the time you understand that you are actually considered a suspect or charged with a crime, the prosecution in Monroe County has been preparing their case against you for a while. While the police may claim they just “want to talk with you,” it is impossible to know exactly what their plans are for you.

Do Not Speak to the Police

You have a legal right to be represented by an attorney. Our job is to help protect your rights. NEVER speak to a member of law enforcement without your attorney present or without your attorney’s approval. Read that again. Do not speak to the police without a trusted defense attorney present in Union and Monroe County, West Virginia!

Know Your Rights When Confronted by Police

The Attorneys to Trust for Effective Criminal Defense in Union, WV

The dedicated criminal defense attorneys at Angotti & Straface have been a reliable legal resource for the innocent and accused throughout West Virginia since 1952. From assault, sex crimes, arson, and DUI to drug crimes, fraud, homicide, and a variety of white collar crimes, misdemeanors, and felony charges, our proven team of criminal defense trial lawyers have proudly earned our reputation as THE attorneys to call for effective criminal defense legal representation. Let us help protect your rights in Union and all of Monroe County, WV.

Expungement Lawyer in Union, WV

Effective June 7, 2019, individuals who have previously been charged with, or convicted of, certain crimes of a non-violent and non-sexual nature may be eligible to pursue expungement of their public criminal record. Although the process is highly conditional and the laws concerning expungement can be complex, this may be a worthwhile goal for you if you meet the qualifications. If you are a resident of Union, Peterstown, Monroe County, or anywhere in West Virginia who is interested in learning more or taking advantage of this valuable opportunity, contact Angotti & Straface for skilled legal representation throughout the expungement process.

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