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Angotti & Straface Attorneys at Law L.C. offers proven, effective civil litigation and criminal defense services you can rely on. Contact our attentive firm for personalized legal representation in a wide range of legal matters in Mill Creek, WV, including:


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Protecting Your Rights in Mill Creek, WV


At Angotti & Straface Attorneys at Law, protecting your rights is our sole focus. To achieve this important goal, our attorneys work directly with you. We are committed to learning the facts of your legal situation, keeping you informed about the progress of your case every step of the way, and providing you with the information you need to make the best decisions for the future. We tirelessly prepare each case with care, as if it will proceed to trial. We are committed to providing the effective legal counsel our Mill Creek clients require to help ensure they receive fair treatment under the law.

Mill Creek, WV Financial Compensation for Accident & Injury Losses and Property Damage

Our skilled trial attorneys understand how important a full financial recovery is for our Mill Creek, WV, clients. You are entitled to pursue fair compensation for the losses you have suffered as a result of serious injury, property damage, and wrongful death due to the wrongful acts of another. We are prepared to aggressively protect your rights in Mill Creek, WV, so you can face your future with confidence.

Mill Creek, WV Criminal Defense Lawyers Who Care

If you are being accused of criminal misconduct in Mill Creek, contact us immediately. Our legal defense team is committed to helping protect your rights whether you have been wrongfully accused of a crime you did not commit or you made a terrible mistake. We care about our clients. Angotti & Straface Attorneys at Law provides skilled criminal defense for a wide range of misdemeanor and felony criminal charges in Mill Creek, WV, including:
Drug Crimes
Sexual Assault
White Collar Crime

Previously charged or convicted? Learn more about West Virginia’s Expungement Program.

Remember: You NEVER have to accept a plea deal. You are NOT required to speak to an investigator or the police. If you even suspect that you may be considered a “person of interest” in a criminal case, do not say anything except “Call Angotti & Straface Attorneys at Law: (304) 292-4381.

Know Your Rights When Confronted by Police

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Contact us for a complimentary initial case consultation. If you are too injured to come to us, we will come to you. Our phone lines are answered 24/7 for your convenience. If you are dealing with a stressful personal matter and need proven legal representation in Elkins, call Angotti & Straface Attorneys at Law right away at: (304) 292-4381

Time is of the essence. Do not delay. Contact our firm as soon as you are able to access a phone to protect your rights.