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Angotti & Straface Attorneys at Law L.C. in Morgantown has extensive experience securing social security benefits for individuals with qualifying long-term disabilities in West Virginia. We have been assisting clients with getting approval on their Social Security Disability (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) claims since 1952. While similarly offered by the U.S. Government as financial assistance for those unable to work, qualification for these two programs differs slightly, mainly based on the income level and work history of the disabled applicant.

Prompt Approval of SSDI and SSI
Applications & Appeals in Morgantown, WV


At the law firm of Angotti & Straface, our team is dedicated to providing prompt help for those eligible for SSDI and SSI benefits to navigate the complex and difficult application and appeals processes involved. We know that you require income to pay your bills and are aware of the difficulties and stress related to not being able to meet mandatory expenses without the means to support yourself. Our Social Security disability lawyers have knowledge regarding exactly how the Social Security application and appeals processes work. Unlike the years of waiting, frustration, and accumulation of debt common for those who represent themselves, we are typically able to obtain prompt approval for our clients (within months in most cases).

Social Security Administrative Law Judge Disability Lawyer

Regardless of whether you are just beginning the application process or are working through the appeals process, our law firm offers eligible clients the legal advice, representation, and support required to present a successful case. We will ensure that your application is complete, filled out correctly, and accompanied by any required paperwork or documentation, such as medical records, reports, and other materials to present the best evidence for your case. In cases where your appearance before an administrative law judge is mandated, you will be accompanied by our Social Security disability lawyer who will prepare you for your hearing and accompany you to provide legal representation and support.

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